New Braunfels Pediatrics

New Braunfels Pediatrics

New Braunfels Pediatric Associates offers three convenient locations in New Braunfels, Texas.
They are dedicated to providing the highest quality pediatric care available to our patients and their families. We are proud to work on belhalf such an amazing association.

The site was developed in drupal with our custom drupal theme. We had just a logo while starting the project. We then carefully selected and designed the website in plain html first. They were happy with the design and started working on it. We did master in themeing of drupal when we completed the project. We learnt so many things from it.
The custom appointment module development was another key challenge on top of site look and feel. Everything went as planned and a beautiful website was finally crafted.

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  • Client: Yvonne Adnams
  • Date: 10 Jan 2016
  • Location: United States

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